Making the Organic Choice


The health benefits of organic food

Health Within as a company, along with our expert advisory team of nutritionists and naturopaths, highly values organic products and recommends them wherever possible for greater overall health outcomes, Organic products reduce public health risks to farm workers, their families, and consumers by minimising their exposure to toxic and persistent chemicals on the farm and in food, the soil in which they work and play, the air they breathe, and the water they drink. Unfortunately, children are especially vulnerable to pesticides. It is therefore recommended that parents try to choose products produced without the use of these toxins for themselves and their family.

Not only does organic production help reduce public health risks, mounting evidence shows that food grown organically are rich in nutrients, such as Vitamin C, iron, magnesium, and phosphorus, with less exposure to nitrates and pesticide residues in organically grown fruits, vegetables, and grains when compared to conventionally grown products.

Organic foods and supplements are the healthier option because of what it doesn’t have: pesticides and preservatives.

While proving health benefits of eating a particular food is a complex question to answer, evidence is mounting that there are some healthier nutritional profiles linked to consuming various organic products. For instance, a research article published in December 2013 in PLOS ONE found that organic whole milk contained significantly higher concentrations of heart-healthy omega-3 fatty acids compared to milk from cows raised on conventionally managed dairy farms.

Meanwhile, a research article published in the journal Food Chemistry found organic soybeans have a healthier nutritional profile from conventionally grown or genetically modified Roundup Ready soybeans.

Admittedly, organic products are more expensive than conventional ones, and whether they’re really worth the extra cost is certainly a matter of choice. It is a certainty however, that if you’re trying to reduce exposure to pesticide residues, organic is the way to go. If you can afford all organic, that’s fantastic, but it’s not feasible for most people. The most important groups to buy organic include foods and supplements you consume daily, such as supplements.

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