100% Pure Glutamine Powder 1kg (1000gm)


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Health Within L-Glutamine

  • Precursor to glutathione which has antioxidant actions in the liver and involved in liver detoxification.
  • Nourishes intestinal cells thereby improving gastrointestinal immunity and allows acid (ammonia) removal via the kidneys
  • Plays an important role in muscle recovery and growth.
  • Primary transporter of nitrogen  around the body for protein synthesis in the muscles.
  • After an intense workout, glutamine stores become depleted. Replenishing your muscles with glutamine helps prevent catabolism (muscle tissue breakdown).
  • Glutamine may help stimulate protein synthesis within the muscles, thereby facilitating muscle growth.
  • Glutamine may improve function of the digestive system encouraging absorption of important nutrients.
  • Training and exercising can cause loss of L-Glutamine to occur from increased muscle protein synthesis.
  • Human skeletal muscles consists of more than 50% Glutamine this makes it the bodies preferred amino acid used during sports.
  • May contribute towards activities that require strength, speed and endurance, as it will help them increase or maintain muscle mass, especially during times of intense training.
  • L-Glutamine  is important for a number of bodily functions, such as the detoxification of ammonia.
  • Believed to be one of the most important nutrients for healing leaky gut syndrome because it is the preferred ‘fuel’ for the cells lining the mucosa of the small intestine (enterocytes). These cells have the ability to take up glutamine directly rather than waiting for it to be supplied through the blood.
  • Required for the production of both intestinal mucus and secretary Immunoglobulin Type A (SIgA). As a result of these functions, a generous supply of glutamine can assist in repair and maintain a healthy small intestinal lining.
  • Important for metabolism enhancing the general health of the digestive system improving the immune system as well as helping to alleviate fatigue providing better recovery by decreasing muscle breakdown.
  • Can support the immune system during periods of trauma or stress.

SERVING SUGGESTION Mix 5g (one teaspoon) into water or juice and stir until dissolved. Best taken 30 mins after a workout.

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