Your Vitality and Dry July


Dry July is a concept and fundraiser that encourages you to go alcohol-free in July. Having a month off alcohol has great health benefits, such as sleeping better, having more energy and of course, no hangovers! But the benefits go even deeper, and can be enhanced with the right diet and supplementation protocols.

Health problems such as liver disease, brain injury, cancer and heart problems are strongly linked to drinking alcohol, and the more you drink the greater the risk. People with pre-existing mental and physical health vulnerabilities are even more at risk.

But can a month of sobriety really lead to any meaningful changes when it comes to your health? Absolutely it can, especially if you provide your body with the right nutrients for regeneration and repair.

 What Happens When You Give Up Alcohol?

It is ok to indulge in alcohol every now and then, but a night out often brings social pressure to drink more frequently than you’d like. It can feel impossible to dodge having a drink when you want to be part of the group vibe, and before you know it, you’re waking up with a dry mouth and a nasty hangover again. Dry July is a great way to reassess your relationship with alcohol and see the health benefits of taking a month off. Here are a few ways the human body can benefit from abstaining from alcohol for a month.

#1 Improvements to mental health

Alcohol may seem like a mood elevator when you’re dancing and having a great time with your friends, but it is actually a depressant that can have serious negative effects on your overall mental health. Low moods can be aggravated, and low energy levels make situations feel worse. Taking some time off alcohol allows your brain to level out and you’ll be able to think with more clarity, dealing with issues in a more positive way.

#2 Improved hydration

Alcohol is a diuretic, making your body dismiss fluids more frequently. An easily identifiable hangover symptom is dehydration. People can suffer from dry skin which has less vibrancy, and lips can crack easily. Low hydration levels can also affect your concentration and energy, When you stop heavy drinking your skin regains its plumpness, fine lines soften, your face reclaims its natural glow and you’ll feel much more alert.

#3 Healthier liver

Alcohol is bad for the liver. The human body just isn’t built to process it. When someone consumes large amounts of booze, even just a few times, their liver must work extra hard to process it all. Over time, the liver gets exhausted. Your liver is constantly working to regenerate itself. When you give up alcohol, your liver will start to flush out all of the leftover by-products that were produced over time. New cells are produced with the intention of fixing any problems that pop up. The liver is one of the human body’s most important organs, so it’s crucial that it stays in good shape.

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#4 Improved weight loss

This is no surprise to anyone, but all those extra calories in a delicious red wine with dinner tends to add up. Over time, a couple of wines each night can cause your weight to creep up until you’re suddenly struggling to get those jeans on. This is because most alcohols have more calories per gram than protein and carbohydrates; only fat has more calories per gram. When cutting out alcohol, your overall calorie intake will then decrease (as long as you don’t replace alcohol with another high-calorie substitute.) Once you give up alcohol you will start to see your waistline shrinking and can easily drop a dress size or belt notch by the end of the month.

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